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Mahane Yehuda at Night

Mahane Yehuda at Night

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There is the market by day and the market by night. Once the stalls are shuttered the place is transformed into something completely different. 

Come explore the magic that is Mahane Yehuda at night. 

Walk the streets and alleys as they come alive with a particularly Jerusalem atmosphere. The music plays, beer and arak flows, nargilas, coffee and piping hot tea, games of backgammon, all contribute to something unique. There are often live performances and cultural events, and a suprising number of people wearing slippers and knit hats with pompoms. Come taste the trendy Jerusalem night life that has developed in the market and be aware that the young people you see didn’t come here for the bars, the bars came here for the young people. Raise a glass at Jimmy’s Parliarment and find out how the country really should be run, taste street food from Venezeula, an Asian shushi roll made out of Iraqi sabich flavors, drink a beer, and stroll through the tastes and flavors, the sounds and sights that always make us remember why we love Jerusalem.

The bites included in the tour:

● Chaser Limoncello and Edamame
● Flavored Arak Chaser and Snack
● Half a sandwich in the style of South American street food  - meat or veggie is available
● Cortado Espresso with Bailey's Irish Cream or Kalua
● Sabich Roll or Felafel Roll
● Beer chaser and chili con corn or cup of beer and popcorn

Upon booking the tour, you will receive an email with information regarding how to download and use the app. From now on, your smartphone is all you need!

Opening hours:

Sunday - Thursday 8.30pm - midnight
Saturday - one hour after shabbat - 1am