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Friends of Zion Museum

Friends of Zion Museum

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Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the Friends of Zion Museum brings stories of love and heroism to the world. Magnificently told using ground-breaking technology found nowhere else in the nation, visitors experience the unfolding story as though stepping back in time. Accompanied by a moving original musical score, fantastic surround sound, lighting second-to-none and interactive displays that appear to come to life before your very eyes, the Friends of Zion Museum is a once in a lifetime experience for audiences from around the world. Visitors enter a whole new world, where they meet the biblical figures, academics, businessmen, and military officials who, through their faith, have forged an everlasting bond between the Jewish and Christian peoples.

A once in a lifetime experience to meet the heroes.


Land of the Promise
The Founders
Hall of Dreamers
Hall of Visionaries
Lights in the Darkness
Hall of Brave
The Promise Theater

What is included?

guided tour

What is important to know?

* For your attention, in some parts of the museum there will be use of flashing lights.
* The FOZ Museum is handicap-accessible. 
* FOZ Museum tours are offered with guide only. Please book your tour in advance. 

also available in: French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, Russian, Ukraine, Korean, Indian, Polish, Arabic and Indonesian.

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday    9:30am-8:45pm
Friday                           9:30am-2:00pm
Saturday                      10:00am-6:00pm


20 Yosef Rivlin Street 
Nahalat Shiv'a, 
Jerusalem 94240