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Petra and Wadi Rum Tour from Jerusalem

Petra and Wadi Rum Tour from Jerusalem

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Travel to beautiful Jordan on this tour that takes you to gorgeous Petra and the mesmerizing Wadi Rum. Enjoy a drive through northern Jordan and marvel at the city of Petra carved into the mountainside. Explore the cities of Jerash and modern Amman, as well as spending time at Wadi Rum, famous for being depicted by Lawrence of Arabia.

You will leave Jerusalem and travel to Jerash, and ancient city that is filled with well preserved Roman ruins that will take you back 4,000 years. Enjoy a delicious lunch and then move on to the Citadel in Amman where you can enjoy one of the oldest inhabited places on earth. You can then stay the night in a Bedouin camp and dine with the Bedouin community. 

On the second day you will leave for the classic ancient city of Petra that is carved into the famous red sandstone cliff face. Enjoy a tour of the site before having a traditional local lunch and then returning to the Bedouin camp for an evening under the stars.

For the third day, you will be guided to the breathtaking Wadi Rum which is famous thanks to Lawrence of Arabia. Jeeps will be on hand to give you a tour of the amazing landscapes here and you will get to see all the best desert flora and fauna. After lunch, you will return to Jerusalem via the Allenby Bridge border crossing.  

All participants should note that this is a guided tour. It includes transportation, accommodation, and meals.


 - Transportation
 - Guide
 - Entrance Fees
 - Accommodation in Bedouin Campsite
 - Meals (lunch and dinner on first day, breakfast, lunch and dinner on second day, and breakfast and lunch on third day). 

Not Included:

 - Borders taxes on 45$ in total
 - Travel Insurance
 - Tips


From 6 am with pick up from Abraham Hostel-Davidka Square.


3 days and 2 nights.