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There is a time honored British tradition known as the pub crawl, which has a very simple idea behind it: if the barman won't bring the drink to me, I'll go to him. In short, drink as much as you can in the shortest amount of time. We want to make this tradition our own and invite you to come on a special night tour of Jerusalem. The young people you'll see around you didn't come in search of bars, the bars came in search of them and they are the reason that night life here in Mahane Yehuda has flourished in recent years, becoming one of the most colorful and dynamic in the country. During the day the shuk offers one facet of the authentic Jerusalem experience, with a completely different facet on view at night - colorful, passionate, and full of life.

The bites in the tour:

● Alcoholic limoncello and side mini Edamame
● Flavored Arak Chaser and Munchies
● A chaser of Tobi 60, particularly Israeli alcohol
● Beer chaser and chili con corn or cup of beer and popcorn
● Cocktail that changes daily and two chasers of Shapira beer, originally from Jerusalem

Upon booking the tour, you will receive an email with information regarding how to download and use the app. From now on, your smartphone is all you need!

All eateries in the tour are Kosher.

Opening hours:

Sunday - Thursday 9pm-1am
Saturday - 1 hour after shabbat until 1am